Misting Windows

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Misted, foggy double glazed sealed units replaced and repaired.
Demist your windows Today

  • Restore the beauty of your window
  • Don’t Replace……Repair and Restore
  • Restore your view- Get rid of the misting, steamed up foggy view from your windows
  • Restore the insulating ability of your windows
  • Extend the life of your windows
  • Protect your money and the environment
  • Repairing sealed units can cost 30%-50% less than replacing your sealed units
  • The one and only environmentally responsible solution for failed double glazed sealed units

If you have a misted sealed glazed unit this means that the unit has broken down.
Don’t panic!!!
You don’t have to go out and buy new windows all you need to do is replace or repair the sealed units
And save yourself a small fortune
This can be done on almost every type of window from wood to aluminum to UPVC

Why is it important to replace or repair your sealed units?
Restore the beauty of your windows
This helps keep your house maintained and preserves the value of your property as with any home improvement

Restore dry air to your sealed unit to improve insulating performance
When your sealed unit has broken down then insulating efficiency is reduced
This is caused by wet air i.e. condensation between your glass panes

The longer you leave it the more damage occurs, mist turns into water droplets then deposits mineral residue marking the glass and finally permanent glass damage.
Don’t leave it too late, if so then the unit will have to be replaced

There is not a problem in replacing a sealed unit but you could save your hard earned money and the environment by treating a sealed unit rather than replacing one

Why are the sealed units breaking down and misting?

There are many reasons for a unit to fail and break down
The main reason for a sealed glazed unit to break down is time and the environment.
Over time the sun and wind and everyday environmental conditions forces the sealed unit to constantly expand and contract thus acting like a pump slowing sucking in and then releasing air from between the glass panes. Eventually the desiccant that is within the spacer bar becomes saturated, therefore cannot draw any more moisture from the air within the unit, the result is condensation between the panes!
Other reasons are that the sealed unit may have been badly manufactured or the way the sealed unit was fitted when your windows were installed.
The list goes on and on, unfortunately this is a problem that will face all property owners who have installed double glazing but a problem that can be simply resolved.
Call today for a free no obligation quote!

To save our customers time we can give you a quote over the phone

All you have to do is give us the dimensions of your sealed unit
Just measure the glass from inside your room Window measurements
Just the glass not the frame
Measure vertically and horizontally so we can work out the area of the glass
We can then give you an approximate no obligation price for replacing or repairing the sealed unit.
Without you having to wait at home, wasting your precious time
If the cost of the sealed unit replacement or repair sounds good to you or if you want more information on the unit repair, one of our engineers will make an appointment to measure your sealed units and explain our procedures,
And only then with your approval, will the price be confirmed